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Crowntex (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of home textiles and coated fabrics in Thailand. Our coated fabric business started in 1988 with the installation of the first universal fabric coating line from Framatex of the U.K. and the production of coated canvas for the domestic Thai market as well as those of neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. The range of coated fabric products expanded gradually to meet diversified market needs. The original Framatex fabric coating line is equipped with a flocking unit to produce flocked fabrics that are used in many different applications.

At present our annual production capacity is in excess of 10 million square meters utilizing four fabric coating lines. These machines are used to apply and bond specific chemicals and/or materials to one or both sides of fabric substrates in order to impart specific desired characteristic to the fabric. Both dipping and knife-over-roll methods of coating are utilized in these machines.

Typical chemicals and materials used in the coating process include resins, PVC, polyurethane, acrylic, foam, rubber, fluorocarbons, etc. Color dyes and pigments may be added to the chemical bath to produce the desire colors and shades required by customers. Drying and curing of the chemicals applied to the substrate is accomplished by means of heat wherein the fabric is passed through an oven with continuous circulation of hot air. The drying temperature and speed at which the fabrics pass through the calenders in the coating machines can be controlled to achieve specific end results required. Properties such as water resistance, fire retardance, UV resistance, flexibility, surface gloss, surface texture, etc. can be achieved through the proper application of specific chemical and additive mix and compounds on the fabric substrate.

Crowntex supplies large quantities of coated fabrics to residential, commercial and industrial customers. These coated fabrics are used in such applications as vertical and roller blinds, truck covers, canvas tents and tarpaulins, window shades and awnings, outdoor furniture, sun protection for greenhouses, advertising signboards, and many others.

With the help of highly-efficient modern equipment and machineries, Crowntex employees strive to serve their customers responsively and to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Tents, canopies and awnings are popular applications for PVC coated fabrics manufactured by Crowntex.

Crowntex is a major manufacturer of custom-formulated, weather-resistant coated fabrics engineered for use in indoor and outdoor advertising signboards.

Crowntex PVC-coated canvas is very popular among truckers who use them to cover and protect the goods they transport in their vehicles.

Crowntex coated fabrics are used as roofing material for temporary or semi-permanent extensions to buildings such as this automotive workshop and parking shed.

Crowntex was chosen to produce, supply and install custom-formulated coated fabrics used to cover and protect specially prepared competition grounds at the Rajamangala Pisek Sports Stadium in Bangkok during the 1998 Asian Games when these are not being used for official sporting events and activities.

Our Facilities

In 1988 Crowntex installed its first fabric coating line purchased from Framatex of the UK. This universal fabric coating machine is equipped with a flocking unit to produce flocked fabrics as well as other types of coated fabrics using the dipping process.

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Coated fabrics coming off one of the company's coating lines. Crowntex produces coated fabrics in different densities, weights and widths using a wide choice of chemicals and resins to suit specific customer requirements. Blackout curtain liners and flocked fabrics are among the wide range of coated fabrics manufactured at Crowntex.

This diagram shows how substrate fabric is "fed" through calenders (rollers) and stenters (fabric stretchers) in the fabric coating line and how it passes through a vat where the specially-formulated coating mix is applied to the fabric through a dipping process before the coated fabric is dried in an oven using temperature- and flow-regulated hot air and then calendered to impart desired surface patterns and/or gloss.

Our Products

Samples of coated mesh fabrics used in such applications as green house covers, bird protection screens, geotechnical fabrics, etc.

Crowntex manufactures coated fabrics in multi colors and textures that are used in making vertical and roller blinds for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, factories and other institutions.

Fabric Samples

In each section displayed below, we present the photographs, color swatches and specifications of some of our current coated fabrics. From time to time we may introduce new or improved products to the markets and/or designate specific fabrics for special promotions. Please contact us for detailed information, sample books, color swatches, etc.

In addition to standard products that we presently produce, we can develop and custom manufacture products to comply with your specific requirements and meet your specifications in terms of anti UV quality, anti mildew quality, fire retardancy, water repellency, surface texture and color, etc. We can also coat and finish fabrics from customers' stock.

We welcome inquiries from domestic coated fabric wholesalers and overseas importers, wholesalers, and distributors who are interested in distributing and marketing high quality coated fabrics at competitive prices to retailers, specialty fabricators and furniture manufacturers in their home markets.

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